Origin:  Toronto, Ont, CAN


Genres:  Rock, Metal


Years Active:  2011- Present


Label:  Unsigned



EXES FOR EYES is a project born of an overwhelming amount of mutual respect and admiration between two men. A respect for one another's work ethic, musical proficiency, stylistic taste and of course, for each other as people.


The concept of blindness, be it willing, involuntary, inherent or otherwise is so foreign and far removed from anything within the realm of experience for these men. However as the process has begun to create this music, it has become apparent how limited one's own vision can be when staring at the broad side of limitless potential and ambition.


With the musical vision of Dave Sheldon (ex Man With Target, Annihilator) and the lyrical conception of vocalist and frontman Big James (Endast, Authors) the project is very quickly taking shape into something more than either anticipated. The hope is to see the world of metal in a new light, with EXES FOR EYES.


Exes For Eyes’ debut CD “The Amsler Grid”, was released in the Spring 2011 in North America on “Year Of The Sun” Records.  The band went on to play roughly 50 shows in Ontario before embarking on a Nation-wide tour in support of the album.  Upon their return, they started writing material for the follow release “Tongues Like Figure Eights”.


Released December 8th 2014 “Tongues Like Figure Eights” was released internationally (without label support) and became all Exes Member’s most successful offering to date…selling over 12,000 copies in 3 months.  The plan was simple.  “Having our own studio, no label, no management, no booking agent or replicating expenses (the album was digital downloads only), how about eliminating all the fees and costs normally associated with music pricing protocols, and pass the savings on to the listener by making the album available for $1.00.  And, to promote it, lets try to have it go viral by aiming to sell 1,000,000 units by the end of the year (a 3 week window of time) to be the first full band of 2014 to go platinum?!”   Falling dramatically short of their 1,000,000 unit goal, Exes have sold almost 15,000 copies of “T.L.F.8’s” to date, toured across Canada 2 more times in support of “T.L.F.8’s”, hitting all capital/major cities between both coastlines AND were invited to play the famous “HEAVY MTL” festival in Montreal Quebec.


The festival was host to the likes of some of the worlds most popular Rock and Metal bands.  Slipknot, Faith No More, Lamb Of God, Iggy Pop, Korn, Meshuggah, Extreme, Gojira, Periphery and…Exes For Eyes?  Being the smallest fish in such a large pond, Exes For Eyes put a call out to all of their peers to participate in the world’s largest group hug to show the planet that though Heavy Metal is genre that sounds aggressive, it is also a community of love and respect.  Exes’ set ended with the largest group hug to ever grace the field of a Metal Festival (even larger than that of the mighty Devin Townsend at Wacken Open Air 2014 in Germany), a giant success!


Spring 2016 will mark the start of Exes For Eyes’ 3rd studio Album.  The “Yet to be titled” album will be a 9 song $1.00 Digital release, followed up by a 1hr, 1080p, live multi-camera video of their Nov 29th 2015 Tour Homecoming hosted by Lee’s Palace in Toronto.  The band is planning their first entry in to the US market, with an East coast tour to Walt Disney World in November 2016.


To date, Exes For Eyes have

  • Sold over 16,000 copies (both albums combined)
  • Played all Major/capital cities in Canada (excluding islands/territories)
  • Released 4 Music videos
  • Garnered international radio and television publicity without a label/mgmt
  • Played along side some of the biggest names in Metal
  • No plans of stopping.